RF Propagation Prediction

Given the struggles some people have experienced, I thought I should tell you’ll a tool for predicting RF propagation. If you are up for a little work there is a tool called Radio Mobile. http://www.cplus.org/rmw/english1.html It was written by a Canadian Amateur Radio Operator (Ham). Given your system specifics, transmitter power, receiver sensitivity, antenna gain, antenna height and location it will generate maps of radio coverage. As beneficial as the coverage maps is the radio link tool. You can see how antenna height and the intervening terrain will affect the link and its fresnel zone. http://www.cplus.org/rmw/rme.html The work involved is collecting all the software pieces and system information. If you are not up to it, you can pay one of the pro companies to do it for you with their expensive pro tools. :shock: Based on a small set of test readings (6) I found it’s predictions to be correct. So you should get a good idea of the general shape of your coverage area. One of the great things about this is that you use SRTM (Shuttle Radar Mission Topography) Data to provide the terrain data, a real world benefit of the space program.

Radio Mobile is a great tool, and the best… it’s free.
I use it to calculate the radio links and it is very precise if well configured

yes its a great tool. It has a little learning curve.

How do you get the antenna and radio details, for AP / BH ?

Here’s a good starting point for getting useful information out of Raido Mobile.

http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … php?t=1343