RF Shielding

Does anyone know of any rf shielding that would fit the cambium 90 sectors? I'm curious to see if this would help with my current set up. 

I'd like to know the same thing. I know the ePMP Sector's own shielding and F/B is excellent already, but I've got a number of small towers where I can't get anywhere near the recommended 3' back to back spacing.  So, I'd love to have an RF Armor type of product to increase shielding even more.

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we've got a bunch of old ubnt 2.4 sectors still in service we stuck the epmp on. they've got the shields.

overall, the shields make things kinda sketchy on the edges, and don't really seem to help with FTB.  

 the shields directly interferer with the edge of the sector and it causes lower than expected RSSI in a few degrees before the expected edge of the sector.   

that being said, it could just be because its a UBNT sector.    we've been installing the cambium dual slant sectors on the RF armor mounts without any trouble. the cambium antennas, when tilted to meet the need perform more constantly than the UBNT with RF armor, and we don't have any FTB issues with the cambium antennas.  

Todd, some of the wood shorter poles we have (just 88') i've been splitting the mounts in half on two 18"  H pipes to get some extra distance, and it does improve uplink modulations. but reducing the target RSSI usually helps that for us as well.   we use -65 instead of -60 for uplink when the floor is cleaner and it gives us slightly more total uplink capacity overall, and those few extra points off really helps the adjacent sectors weak subs hold higher modulations.    A sub locked at -75 for example, if the target is -60, and the antennas FTB is 30, that only leaves 15 DB snr for its uplink, just MCS 10.    moving everything down to -65, leaves it 20 dbm SNR and that will let it hit MCS 12.    noise floor permitting of course. 

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One experience that I will share, that shows how good the Cambium sectors are....

On one of our towers, using older (non-Cambium) gear, we have a N and S and E and W sector - we use KP Performance sectors and those are generally pretty good sector antennas.  In any event, we're upgrading that tower to Cambium and we have this one client in particular (we'll call them MAT) that's never worked very well, despite having a good signal -60 on our 'N' sector.

So, I go and hang a ePMP-North sector right under the non-cambium-North sector - about 10' lower, but pointed the exact same direction.  I go to the client home and try to connect with a Force200 and I can't even get a sniff.  Zero, no link at all.  I'm 100% clear to the tower - but I notice I am also just about 70 degrees EAST of the tower.

So - with a KP Performance sector pointed North, we can get a -60 from way off axis.  With a Cambium sector right underneath it, pointed exactly in the same direction, we can't even connect to it.  THAT'S A GOOD THING.  :)

So, we re-program for ePMP-EAST and they connect fine, work perfectly and are very very happy.  And when I do a 'MONITOR-WIRELESS' from their SM, I hear nothing except the sector pointed at them.  The other Cambium sectors are not to be heard at all.  With their old gear, they could hear the KP Performance Sectors N & E loudly, and even S & W somewhat.

The Cambium sectors are quite good rejecting signals off axis.  :)

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