RFU-C What is it?

Q1 - RFU-C
What does the letter “C” designate in the term RFU-C? (Red box in screenshot below)
Maybe RFU-C is a Part number?
There are multiple references to “RFU” and “RFU-C” through this document.

From P96 of the PTP820/850 Release notes see below I know that 3 radio components are connected up as shown in the block diagram. IDU–RFU–Antenna.
With the all-outdoor units including the PTP820C and PTP820S the IDU and RFU come as single combined physical unit.
PTP820G is “splitmount or all indoor” so presumably the RFU is a separate part that must be purchased in addition to the IDU.

PTP820G Components
Assumption is that the 1RU unit shown below is what you get when you order a PTP820G.
And that unit contains and IDU but no RFU(s). (Question2 - Correct?)

Q3 Further Reading
Is there any where that I can read about RFUs especially discrete items that need to be assembled e.g. with split units?

Much appreciated…

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RFU-C is the 2 core or dual radio RF Unit that is used with the 820G. The 820c unit has the base band and dual radio in a single outdoor unit, while the 820G is an indoor base band unit connected to an RFU-C that is mounted to the antenna. The RFU-C can be configured in the same system configurations as the 820c. In the 820G’s case, the indoor unit is frequency agnostic, and you purchase the RFU-C in the particular band you are licensed. A typical use of the 820G is when you have an intermediate site, where you need to connect to 2 different sites, plus have a drop into the 820G site. To use an 820c in this situation means that you have a pair of 820c’s on the tower, with fiber or Cat 5 cabled to a switch in your site to provide the drop function.
Hope this helps a bit.