RJ11 pinout on SM/AP


I’ve been looking through manuals and searching the site - with no success. Trying to find the pin-out of the RJ11 socket to build a headphone to SM lead for aiming use.

So far, all I have found is that you can make a default plug by connecting pins 4 to 6 (this is, of course, useful when you lock yourself out of an SM!)

Does anyone have the full pin-out or at least the pins for the audio out during aiming mode?



Pins 5 & 6 is the audio, 6 being the ground. I built one the other day and was extremely disappointed with the performance. The audio levels are very low and combining volumn with pitch makes it very crappy to use when there is traffic noise from surrounding roads.

Thanks for that.

I’ll give it a try - will let you know if get any better results than you seem to have done.



Hi raredx:

Is pins 5 & 6 balanced audio?

Or is the audio ping 5 to ground audio? And pin 6 to ground the same audio? In other words it is unbalanced audio?


the audio is mono. Pin 5 carries the signal, pin 6 is ground.

raredx: I made a pig-tail that takes the RJ-11 jack and ends in a female mini-jack. Basically, now I can use any standard set of headphones. I noticed a significant diference in sound volume and quality with diferent headphones. Could explain your issues.