rma support

We are having a terible time with RMA support it has began to take forever to get the process complete?

Is there a better way? 

i dream of having American support.. 


We just went through the RMA process for a PMP450 3.65 SM... we submitted the trouble ticket on June 13th... and finally got the replacement/repaired radio on August 29th... so it took about 2 and a half months from start to finish.

We changed our repair vendors during June and we have experienced some issues.  In some cases the delay was caused by shipping work in progress repairs to the new vendor that should have been finished at the old vendor.  The shipping time added to the turnaround time unfortunately.  In some cases the new vendor did not turn around the backlog as quickly as they will once they get up to speed.

Eric and Tim , if you could private message me with the RMA numbers I would appreciate it so I can look into it and get back to you with a more accurate root cause.

We switched to the new vendor because they have much more experience and IT systems for spares inventory management and workflow processing.  We knew that the transition would have some speed bumps but we're monitoring things as closely as we can.

We also have a new hardware services manager who started in late June.  He has a weath of experience with hardware services and reverse logistics and he is putting other changes in place to improve our turnaround time and repair quality.  To be honest, RMA handling has not been a strength and that's why we are making changes.

To anyone who is reading this thread, if you have feedback or suggestions please either reply to this thread or send me a personal email.


Mike Glish

VP, Global Services