Roaming between APs or Mesh network


I am tring to find the best solution for 2 e400 both on ethernet connections. 

Setting both AP's up with the same SSID and password I tend to have the problems on the margins with a phone hoping between APs.

With enhanced roaming or 802.11r on I still have issues. I have tried increasing power output on one and depowering the other to address the issue but it still seems unsatisfactory. One phone in particular a oneplus one running android tends to bounce around. 

Would setting up the APs as a mesh help address this issue? From what I have seen mesh networks tend to have the base wired and the other unwired. Can it be set up with both as wired connections. 

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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We've had this problem too with the less expensive devices with cheap WiFi componets. The only solution that I've found temporarily is to turn off enhanced roaming.

In one apartment complex things worked great with a MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and HP Laptop, but users using pay as you go cell phones with WiFi or sub $100 tablets had a horrible time.

Thanks Cory, I'm also haing an issue with one iPad connecting to a mixed 2.4 / 5Ghz WAN but main issue seems to be with oneplus. Apart from turning off enhanced roaming. Are you only settings across the APs a common SSID, password with 802.11r and OKC ticketed in the advance tab. Do the APs run on the same channels or different channels (eg is one set on 1, whilst the second AP on channel 6). 




I am not sure about MESH solving the issue. But here is our recommedndations,

1. Keep both the APs on same VLAN / Network segment 

2. Say keep AP1 in channel 1 and AP2 in channel 6

3. Enable OKC, not sure all your clients support 802.11r roaming 

4. Disable enhanced roaming 

5. Based on AP distance apart, adjust configure radio power 

Please revert bak with your observations after this experiement 

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I have made the changes you suggested. With the channel power at maximum I still get disconnects and reconnects that seem to follow the access point power fluctuating, see attached screen shot from wifi analyser. I am on 'Thomson'.

With channel select on auto I can get power up to 30, but by manually selecting the channel I can only get up to 25. 

Both 'Thomson' and 'Thomson - Guest' are from the same access point and both on the same channel. 

Any other suggestions would be great. 



I am curious to know if your APs are connected in the same VLAN/subnet.

Thomson and Thomson-5GHZ are on VLAN 1. Thomson Guest is on VLAN 1999. 

These are connected to a Ubiquiti ER Lite. Eth1 is trunking both VLANs. 

Thomson and Thomson-5Ghz are on 192.168.1.X and Thomson Guest is on 172.16.1.X


can you share ap tech dump. one can down load from ap ui triuble shooting section.

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What is the best way to get the file to you?

Please email us at &

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@shim99 wrote:

Do the APs run on the same channels or different channels (eg is one set on 1, whilst the second AP on channel 6).

For my setup, yep, I've staggered the channels to reduce self interference. I do have the same SSID and password for each AP, as well as a unique SSID/Key on each AP as well.

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Just to close this thread off.

I sent the logs to the guys at Cambium and they suggested that the oneplus one was having some issues with OKC and 802.11w. It was also trying to jump between SSID on the same AP. 

As a result I turned off OKC and disabled 802.11w and haven't had any issues with the oneplus since. 

Thanks to the team at Cambium for looking into it.