Roaming/Code Sharing on 450 CBRS

SM roaming between cnMaestro instances for the sake of code-sharing ISPs.

In this example, rather than everyone building the same network over each other, we each deploy APs to cover dead areas. Then each of us have a VLAN we can use on the other’s network to pipe our data back to our networks.

This has worked fine previously. However, in this instance this now becomes a convoluted mess.

Optimally what I would like to see is:

ISP A - registers the SM into their cnMaestro instance.
ISP B - Marks their AP as able to be roamed onto by ISP A’s cnMaestro Instance
ISP A - connects the SM to ISP B’s AP

cnMaestro handles the magic on the back-end.
ISP A sees ISP B’s AP as a ‘ghost AP’ in their cnMaestro with ISP A’s devices under it. That is, we can see the AP status, frequency, but can not make changes to it.

Likewise, ISP B would see ISP A’s SMs as ‘ghost SMs’ in their cnMaestro and would not be able to make changes other than software updates and maybe minor configuration changes.