Rogue AP

I see from Google, Rogue AP mean someone plugged in unwanted AP on the network switch

I also see in AP GUI/Configuration/Network/Security/Rogue AP Detection/Enable Rogue AP Detection


1. After I enable "Enable Rogue AP Detection". How Cambium know there is rogue AP in my network.

2. How it distinguish rogue AP and neighbour AP

3. Where can I see in AP GUI or cnMaestro, what rogue AP it detected

4. After rogue AP detected, there must be list of next action to be done


-jamming rogue AP

-notify admin by email

-block traffic from rogue AP

How to do those


Rogue AP detection is a forthcoming feature in cnMestro but it hasn’t been released yet. Until this release it has no function on the web GUI.

Are there any updates on the rogue AP feature in cnMaestro? Really interested to see what it can do.

Rogue AP feature is available. Here was the announcement

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