Rolling back elevate

Has anyone had any experience upgrading a bunch of XM clients to elevate, and then needing to roll them back to UBNT firmware? When you roll the firmware back, will they still have their settings? Will they still connect to the old UBNT sector? Is a truck roll required? Thanks!

As far as I know, the only way to go back to UBNT firmware is through the tftp recovery process - which does require physical access to the device, and will also reset it to the default settings (regardless of what firmware was on it before doing the recovery).

I was able to restore the firmware to one that I tried. all i did was log onto the unit and use the web to load the ubnt firmware. it didnt come back after 15 min so I thought it was dead. but after I belive the customer did a powercycle it came back as the ubnt radio.

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UBNT image can be uploaded to Elevate via UI.

XM/XW software version 5.6.6 is recommended.

Thank you.

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