Router Nesting and Location

I have an R200 behind a Mikrotik router behind an ePMP SM. The R200 did not automatically nest behind the ePMP (like my other R200 routers that are directly connected to an ePMP SM). Can the nesting be manually configured?

When nesting occurs automatically, can the nested device inherit location information? Is the best practice to enter a location for the ePMP and the R200 even though they are at the same spot?

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,

We are aware of the issue and team is working on resolving the same.


hi. i have some r200 that aren't nested to a SM.

SM is in bridge mode, r200 get a management ip from DHCP anda internet address from PPPoE.

Can i force the nesting in some way?


Michele Pietravalle

Hi Michele,

The R200 cannot be nested manually under the ePMP SM unless the R200 is either connected to the SM Uplink or ePMP SM is powered from the cnPilot R200 WAN Port. In both the above cases R200 will acquire the Parent MAC as that of the ePMP SM and will be nested under the SM.

cnMaestro requires PMAC for a device to be nested under another device.

In your case it is a better idea to place the standalone R200 under a Network created by going to the cnMaestro Manage->Organize page .

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hi, the r200 is connected to a SM and the SM is connected to an AP, but the SM is not nested to the AP and the r200 is not nested to the SM. others r200 are nested correctly, but this one no.

i have tried to unclaim and reclaim the r200 without any result, than i have tried to unclaim the SM but due beta prgram i cannot readd the SM to test.

any ideas?


We already have an open JIRA for this issue CNSSNG-1744

However, in order to bring the SM/cnPilot back in it actual place in hierarchy just needs SM/cnPilot reboot (no unclaim/ on-board is needed.)

Thanks. i have also tried to upgrade (was an old 2.5.1) but also after the reboot the nesting was wrong)

is there any update on this?

It should be working if all your devices are configured in same management VLAN.

@CAM_TSK it is your recommendation to run cnPilot R-Series routers with a separate management interface? I have not seen this specific recommendation before. Is there documentation of this recommendation that we can follow?