Router Vlans not applying on certain Access Points


We have CNmastro with Ex2052-P switches and Access points across multiple Sites - Very happy with the managment however ran into a issue.

So we are rolling out some VLANS a problem with some port based vlans
We have ISP provided router (Ubiquti Edgemax) with Vlan1 and Vlan20 (So set on router each with Individual DHCP pools) - However we might change to L3 on Coreswitch if this isn’t possible

It seems most APS work however a AP on same switch wont work with the guest network and wont push a DHCP IP. We have swapped ports for a working/non working AP and also factory reset those not working but the is a stubbon hold out of a few that wont work.

Vlan 1 is untagged normal network traffic and is also where our APs/Switches are set Static IPS
Vlan 20 is a Guest network on a totally different range as our normal network has HTTPS cert - So its on a different range routed via router/firewall via isp

We have Ubiquiti Edgemax as our router Eth 1 Port with Vlan1/Vlan20 linked to our coreswitch(Ex2052[P) via Hybrid Port 1,20
And then each port on The switches that has a XV2 Access point set we have also set a hybrid port 1,20

At our Switch Group we have included Vlan 1 and Vlan 20 we have also Hybrid Tagged as above between switches

AP Groups - Our AP Group - ConfiG Network - Trunked Multiple Vlans Native 1 and Allowed 1,20 - We have included Vlans 1 and 20 in Vlans section and IPv4 We have default Gateway (Vlan1) and DNS for Google/Microsoft

WLAN Our Guest network is set to VLAN 20

We have also whitelisted captive portal

Would anyone have any suggestions if the is a setting we have missed?