RSSI and Jitter looks great but ping times are HORRIBLE!

We just hooked up our first Internet customer today. I am using 5.7 360 Cyclone. The SM registers and gets an avg RSSI of 990-1000 and Jitter of 4-6. But the pings are all over the place from 64ms to 3000ms! What could cause such a bad ping with such a good connection? Also, the Downlink Effeciency was consitantly at 90-95%.

What does Air Delay mean? It is reading 264, is that bad?

I just checked it again and the avg Jitter is 13. Why is it so up and down? Should I try to re-position the SM? Put a dish on it? Please advise.

Thank you!

I would suggest trying a reflector to start with. There may be some interference in the area. Have you run the spectrum analyzer to check the frequencies you are using? Perform a link test from both the AP and SM’s perspective. What are the uplink and downlink efficiencies from both perspectives?

Air delay is the distance in feet between the AP and SM. Below is a URL to the SM manual that briefly defines Air Delay: … alIss5.pdf

OK, now that the reflector dish is on we are getting a MUCH better consistant ping. The only problem is that packets are dropping every now and then. Also, the ping will be good around 60 - 80ms and then jump to 150-200ms for a couple of pings, then back down to a solid 60 - 80ms. Is this a possible interference problem? Again, the reflector dish really helped but this connection is not as solid as it should be.

Are there any AP tweaks to help this?


Have you done a Link test? Change it to 8 seconds. Anything under 92% both up and down will show you a degredation, manifested in latency of pings.

Check the Etherent Stats on both SM and AP. A bad crimp will show as CRC errors and dropped packets. REmeber there are 7 layers to the OSI model. If you ahve a problem you need to go through all of them.

Physical - Radio - Network etc.

Let me know what the details of the Link test are.

I found out that the bad pings were a result of the ISP (TimeWarner) at my house. They were having problems last night and causing bad ping times anywhere. I was pinging the SM today for about 2 hrs from the network it’s connected to and it is a steady 20-30ms! That reflector is a life saver!

Thank you for the help :smiley: