RSSI and LQI not recording under performance tab of CnMaestro

SInce implimenting CnMaestro a few months back we have had slow transistioned from old prizm server to Cnmaestro on-premise. We have noticed that the RSSI loggin under preformance tab is blank on some SM's

Other modems on same AP have the logging and others do not.. we are kinda baffeled and wonderin if there is a fix or perhaps something misconfigured.  I have gone through comparing modem setting by setting and are identical on ones that show the RSSI and ones that dont..

I have included two screen shot of both the blank log i get and one that works on the same AP just to show.. i have blanked names an IP's for privacy.. just looking for a nudge in right direction. I also included one of it working on same tower.. and what sw version modem is running on it.. all are running same version. , i did check one modems that running version behind and it logs .. atm, but others do not so not sure if issue is definded by SM software version or by some other configuration.


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I have forwarded this to the support and development teams

There's already a post about this issue right on the front page, and it was only 2 weeks ago. Also Tuvix confirmed 2.2.1 resolved the issue.