RSSI Imbalance after changing AP frequency


We recently changed the frequency on our 3.65 450Ms to utilize our PALs, but oddly we are seeing some of the SMs now have more of an RSSI imbalance according to cnMaestro graphs. Any thoughts on why this might occur from a frequency change?

I have not used the 3.65 line at all. But in 5Ghz different channels will have different gain’s depending on the range and FCC regulations. Do the 3.65 AP’s give you the option to tweak the SM Receive Target Level?

Also might be worth looking at the antenna pattern. I could see a slight change if someone was on the fringe. But the 3.65 seems to be fairly consistent through the range.

How big a change? I wouldn’t worry about 1 or 2 dB, or was it more like 10 or 15 dB?

Most of them only show a few points, maybe 2-4dB, but there are a few SMs with a MASSIVE difference, like 10-20dB or so. Attached a few screenshots of the major offenders. None of these customers are reporting any issues, I was just curious as to what typically causes this, especially when the RSSI numbers are good in general. Some of these have been like this for a while, but others only show the large imbalance after a frequency change.