rssi/jitter on 5.2 ghz

hi all,
i just installed an AP and a SM and works great. even when they don’t have LOS.
so i want to know how to check the rssi and jitter and the values of these parameters to know how good or bad the link is.

i used 5.2 ghz devices.


The default address to log into the SM is

Enter that into your browser

ok , i know that. what i don’t know is how to read the numbers of rssi and jitter.


what i mean is that the rssi says: 100 or 1,000,000,000 i dont know the limit and the jitter also or the dBm numbers


the rssi is your signal strength

the jitter is the amout of interference that is in the area of then radio

and the dBm (decibals mesured) is your noise level, the lower in the negitive the better!!

The dBm is the measured Power Level; the higher the number (less negative) the better. The Canopy receiver sensitivity is -83 dBm; a Power Level of -73 dBm indicates a signal strength 10 dB stronger than the receiver’s sensitivity.

RSSI (Received Signal Strenth Indicator) is a value that apparently does not take into account the manufacturing variations between Canopy units. The calibration values on the http://x.x.x.x/mac.html page of the Canopy unit allow it to display a more accurate dBm value based on the RSSI.

Jitter is a measure of timing variations and discrepancies; the lower the better. A high value indicates the Canopy’s receiver finds the control and data frames are not beginning and ending at the precise times it expects. This could be caused by a strong interfering signal from an outside source, a multipath signal from the associated transmitter, or simply a weak primary signal.

It’s interesting to watch the Status page of an SM with a marginal signal during adverse conditions; for example, a link with trees in the Fresnel zone. When rain coats the leaves in the trees, the link will degrade and possibly fail. The RSSI and Power Levels are lower, but it’s the Jitter that spikes just before it fails.

Motorola generally recommends ignoring the RSSI and Jitter when evaluating a link.