RSSI Out of Range...1480 and climbing!

I rebooted our 900 120 sectorized AP and noticed 5-6 SM’s are having trouble registering. I set the max range to 30 miles instead of 20 hoping it would help certain links that are having trouble with re-regs…

The RSSI Out of Range values are climbing pretty fast. The farthest SM is 11 miles from the AP. Does high jitter cause a SM to “Appear farther away?” That is what Luke with tech support mentioned to me a few months ago.


The name for this counter is mis-leading.

When the SM has data to send it sends out a bandwidth request to the AP. The AP responds with a grant to the requesting SM. This grant contains the frame and slot number the SM should transmit its data on. If the AP does not see data in the frame/slot assigned to the subscriber modem it increments this counter. It is not uncommon to see “Out of Range Up Sched” values increase slowly over time. If this value grows relatively quickly then the SM or AP could be overloaded.

Increasing your max distance will not help.

Increasing the max distance DID help with the amount of SM’s that were going IDLE. Perhaps is was just the reboot that helped, but I am pretty confident it was the max distance change.

Increasing the max distance adds control slot when you are over a certain value correct?

Maybe it is important to add that we have 38 SM’s on this ap and their sustained/burst bandwidth settings are around 1200/1800.

Yes adding control slots will help if your AP is overloaded but this can be achieved in other ways. So my main point is that the description is a little mis-leading and that you shouldnt think it is because the radio thinks you are too far away.

(Increasing distance takes away control slots for throughput but uses it for radio functions. You can use the frame calculator to determine how many control slots you loose per added mile.)