Rural Low Cost Broadband

Good Day 

After an assessment on the gap between those whom have access to internet vs those who are lagging behind, there is a digital divide in the rural communities compared to Urban. To play catch up is to create competetion between low cost internet players in these markets. I have been planning such a project with micro businesses in these areas. I think one of the best solutions would be using small cell technology with A Fiber backbone. Small cells  requires low power and can be easily mounted on a street light thus making deployment simpler. However, Cambium offers 802.11ac accesspoints and microwave backhaul links that provides reliable connectivity and easy hand off between each AP thus providing mobility.  I am still in the planning phase and more information would be beneficial

So you should move this question from the ideas area, into the WiFi area of the forum... as that's what it sounds like you want to talk about. This area is for posting an idea that you have that you'd like to see implemented by Cambium.