RV22 - Dual SSID question


I’ve been testing the RV22 as my home router for a while. It works fine in terms of stabiltity and the speeds I can get and all that.

But I have one issue, and that has been reported as well from one of my ISPs.

SSID features and bridge mode.
The RV22 can operate with one main SSID and one SSID strictly defined as a Guest SSID.
But it only supports one WLAN configuration, so you are stuck with either chosing band steering for none or both of the SSIDs.

One big use-case these days is IoT equipment, wireless devices in your home. From your AC to your electrical stove, netatmo units, washing machine, you name it.

very often these devices only supports 2.4GHz, and sometimes they struggle with a band steered dual-band SSID - they need a 2.4GHz only network.

Privately I have used an Amplifi router for probably 5 years now. As it’s AC it doesnt give me the speeds i can get with RV22. But on the Amplifi i can create both a temporary guest SSID and I can create a secundary SSID - and I can chose if this secondart SSID should use both bands with band steering or just, as in my example, 2.4GHz.

So in my home i have a primary SSID with parental controls, and I have a dedicated SSID for my IoT devices that runs strictly on 2.4GHz. and despite having the RV22 i still have my amplifi running concurrently to support my IoT devices.

The lack of this feature on the RV22 makes it unsable for me. And my potential ISP customer commented the same, one of the questions they get most often from customers is about creating an SSID of IoT devices.

Also, it looks like bridge-mode is not enabled yet, which is a shame. Flexibility is the name of the game these days if you ask me, and a lot of end-users are becoming power users in this day and age. They should be allowed to make a few more decisions themselves other than creating super simple profiles and optimize WiFi.