RV22 pricing structure

I’m wondering what other WISP’s are doing for leasing/selling these. If we sell one of these outright to a customer, and the license has expired. Are we automatically billed for another license? Does the device quit working?
If we lease one of these out that has a 3 year license, and the customer ghosts us after 3 months and we can’t recover the RV22, can we re-use the remainder of that license on a different unit?
If anyone can share what pricing structure they intend to use, thank you in advance.
example: Sell for $175 but also bill $3 /mo separately? Lease for $12-15 /mo?

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I can’t answer the questions about exact pricing, but the license will be managed by cnMaestro, in the same way as NSE3000 and cnMaestro X.

If you remove the device from your cnMaestro account, it will no longer consume a license.

Yes. Licenses aren’t bound to specific devices.

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