RX frame pause between mikrotik-epmp1000

hello to all
i have a problem L1 with mikrotik-epmp1000 gps, i'm seeing same rx frame pause between port mikrotik and epmp1000

            port1------- ptp mikrok ( not have rx pause) link 1G cable cat6
rb435 port2--------epmp1000 ( i have rx pause)  link1G cable 6
           port3---------epmp1000 ( i have rx pause) link 1G cable6

all port :auto negotation ON

test on rb435g:
- change ROS version, but nothing
- tx and rx flow control change in off , in auto in on, but nothing

Software Version (Active Bank) on epmp1000

Is it a problem?

do it can lower throughput?

sorry for my english


This is normal if the ptp link feeding the mikrotik can deliver packets faster that the ptmp gear can distribute them.

thank you soo much.

but do it can affect the thorougput?

I´m interested too. I have a RB3011, hEX and RB750UP with ePMP gear conected and its showing many rx pause count on each port attached  to an AP. 
Both sides are 1Gbps in ethernet interface

I encounter the same problem in my radios cambium and mikrotik router.

sorry for my English

Hello, Can anyone answer the intial question please? I also have a Mirktoik and ePMP 1000 APs connected to it and I see RX Pause on the interface. Does it affect the throughput?


Pause frames indicate congestion, so if you are seeing a large amount of pause frames you are bottle necked and not getting the potiental from your equipment.

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I posted about this a while back and didn't really get any useful answers.

I have sites with uqiquiti , canopy pmp100 , airfiber and epmp on them amd all have mikrotik switches. Every single port that shows huge numbers of pause frames are connected to ePMP APs. Even one ePMP AP that only has 3 connections on it, tons of RX Pause frame. I believe we even had one at one point that didn't have single customer connected to it yet and the mikrotik was showing lots of RX Pause frames on that port.

I don't notice it causing any slowdown but it is curious that only the ePMP APs are doing this and seemingly has nothing to do with load on the AP.

Just checked on of our ePmP2000's thats been running for 18 days since reboot, and the router is up for 348 days.

No pause frames at all for both TX and RX

However, I run the AP's through the 100M ethernet ports, using the Gig ports for the backhaul, so they only advertise up to 100Mb, d(since total throughput on an AP is less than 100Mb that shoulnt be a problem)

Did you try turning off advertising 1000MB on the port??