This morning we started gaining a lot of RX overrun errors on our part of our network.  The errors are occuring only on P9 APs and SMs, our P10 and above are not experiencing these errors.  Also, the errors are confined to a small geographical area within the network.  However they are on different towers.  We run a bridged network, so I am a bit surprised that the errors are not occurring on P9 radios outside of this geographical area and not occuring on all radios in the network if it were a broadcast storm or something similar.

The common denominators appear to be P9 hardware and being within this area.  The one thing that we can determine about the area is that it is served by a different power company than surrounding areas.  If I look at my P9 APs in the other power company's area, they do not have the errors.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?  Was there something in the power grid causing the issue or something else on the network that should be checked?

I don't want to harass the power company if it is our problem, but I'm stumped on another cause at the moment.

What software are you using ? 13.4 /13.4.1 open beta? Where do you see RXOverrun error? on AP/SM Web Gui?, please post snapshot of logs

All radios (APs and SMs) are on 13.4.  The errors are being shown on the web GUI.

Some of the APs are connected to CMM Micros  and others to Cisco switches.  I did experiment with forcing the ethernet link speed and duplex on the devices, but that did not affect the errors.

Which log file/information do you prefer?

Send CNUT capture of AP ,Please send these for AP and SM both.