S/N for older Hardware

Hi Guys ..

Is there any way to get the S/N of deployed PTP100/230/300/500/600 ?

The ESN (or MAC address) is available from the GUI but not the MSN. You can contact Cambium support if you have the MAC address and they can try to find the MSN for you.

Hi Eric ..

Thanks for your reply. Since PTP650 firmware versions 01-41 and higher show the ESN on the GUI, I think there is a way to get it for at least PTP300/400/500 via SNMP .. am I correct ?

I'm not familiar enough with the PTP300/400/500 series to give you an answer... perhaps a Cambium tech can chime in OR you can open a ticket with Cambium Support.

As Eric points out, for PTP 300/400/500/600/650/670/700 we have two serial numbers, both unique to the device.

Electronic Serial Number (ESN) is identical to the last six digits of the MAC address. For older releases, it can be deduced from the MAC address.

Manufacturing Serial Number (MSN) is based on product family, manufacturing plant, month of manufacture, and sequence number within that month. MSN is always available on the label.

ESN and MSN were made available in the web-based interface and the SNMP MIB in 650-01-41.

As Eric also pointed out, it should be possible for customer support to find the MSN for your units if you know the last six digits of the MAC address.