Safaricom Mpesa PayBill Payment Paywall

Hello, am from Kenya and planning to deploy Cambium Networks WISP infrustructure as a way of expanding my WISP.

Kenya is gloabally known for a Mobile Money Transfer System called Mpesa, we use it typically to pay anything from shipping to pill payments etc Demystifying The M-Pesa API.

My question therefore can be guessed already, is it possible that this feature: Mpesa Paybill be added as a payment method through its publicly available API Documentation here and  M-PESA API.

I have done my research and I am convinced that cnmaestro will be a better WISP management Platform for my business model.


it is been supported, you can check under Guest Access Portal -> <Portal Name> -> Access Paid section. You can take Cambium Support Team for configuration help


Cambium had integrated with Mpesa using C2B API. In case you are referring to LIPA NA M-Pesa  then please let us know why C2B API doesn't work for you and LIPA NA M-Pesa API is a better option for it.

Hi Kunal,  am so glad to hear that Mpesa C2B Paybill is already enabled in so happy about this...this would already save me alot of dollars consodering that fact that I already located a developer who suggested to do me the integration at $1000 with a monthly service of $0.1 per this saves me a lot of cash, can I ask you just three questions...

1. How do I configure My payBill Number with this Mpesa C2B Paybill system.

2. Does cnMaestro have the ability to send SMS, coz I will also like to send SMS notifications to client i.e subscription is about to expire, know what I mean.

3.Can I download cnMaestro and upload it to my own server with my company url...

Thank you Solanki

Hi Channareddy, thank you for the information...didn't knwo that this feature already existed coz most of my clients would probably pay using Mpesa PayBill.


To get the Mpesa working first you will have to create an account with safaricom developer portal and create an app there. There are instructions available on their website for the same.

Please first sign up on the below URL:

Once you have an account you will have to create an app by following the below link:

You should be able to find a link "+Add a new App" in the dashboard itself once you are logged in. Give some "App Name" of your preference and select "Mpesa Sandbox" under the "Product" option.

I also understand they have different portal for different regions, like the above one is for Kenya, hence the "*" in the domain name there.

Once the app is created you will find the "Keys" |"Products" |"Details" section when you select that newly created app. Please use the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" from here and configure in the cnMaestro Mpesa config details. Also you will follow the "GO LIVE" process available in the safaricom account dashboard and get in touch with safaricom to get your app/account approved for the live transactions. You might have to provide "Validation URL" and "Confirmation URL" from the cnMaestro mPesa configuration to the safaricom support or in the go live process.  There are bunch of details which safaricom support should be able to help in the process if you can get in touch with them and mention you plan to use C2B API's for this app.

cnMaestro doesn't have the capability to send notifications SMS for guest access clients for session expiry, etc which you are looking for, but it's a good requirement and I will pass it on to my product management.

cnMaestro also has a On premises version which can be downloaded as a software and installed on a virtual machine. Please do install proper certificates on the cnMaestro to avoid certificate issues.

Below link you will find the cnMaestro software image:

I have attached couple of screen shots for the safaricom app creation which should get you started on it.

Thank you,


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Solanki once abain thank you.

If the automated SMS notification feature can be avalabe, this can be of great use to us here in Kenya particularly, Kenya is one market that heavily relies in mobile phone technology for a lot of daily activities.

Thank you for your help.