sales and repairs of motorola canopy equipment

Hello, 1-866-439-5469, specializes in the repair and sales of new and refurbished wireless equipment. We think that the following information will be helpful to you.

Motorola Canopy Sales:
We specialize in Wireless equipment such as Mortorola Canopy, Alvarion, Tranzeo, Trango, Cisco
and other wireless brands. We have an extensive inventory for sale, please contact us if interested.

Motorola Repair Services:
We will repair your broken equipment you choose your payment option:
Repair fee - ideal for one or two pieces of equipment. - Please call for quote.
Ship us your units, we will repair as many as we can and ship you back one half all repaired units and all the units that we were unable to repair.
This option is ideal for large and lots of broken equipment. Turn your dead assets into working assets for nothing more than shipping costs!

Consignment Sales:
Don’t have an outlet to sell your wireless equipment you don’t need or use? With our high growing reputation we can sell your equipment for you in a very quick period of time.

We also purchase working and non-working units if you have access to inventory please contact us at 1-866-439-5469 or by email at

Also be sure to check out our online store at for several brands of wireless equipment such as Mortorola Canopy, Alvarion, BreezeCom, Trango, Tranzeo, Cisco.

hmmm, thats a pretty interesting concept…

Maybe someday EZLinx will return the BreezeCom BreezeAccess Outdoor Subscriber Unit that I sent them over a year ago for evaluation.

Jack promised over and over he would return it (and/or pay for it), but alas I never got it back. I gave up after asking 5 times, getting promised 5 times, and not seeing the radio 5 times. As far as I am concerned, they owe me 75.00 for the radio plus the 35 bucks to ship it.

Guys…It’s not good to stiff people, comes back to haunt you later.

Well, That’s all I need to know about those guy’s. You are only as good as your word!!