SAS issues on 3/13/23?

Around 11:45 CST today all of our CBRS APs are going through a loss of CBRS. Cambium and Federated both show all is good. Anyone else having an issue?

Yes we have all sorts of errors and radios changing channels etc

Federated has updated their page to say they are having a partial degradation of service.
"Hello Customers,

Federated wireless SAS is currently experiencing service degradation, we are working on getting the platform to normal state. We will update this space with more information.

Thank you,

FW NOC Team"

Federated has become a complete joke. Perhaps Cambium should put some pressure on them to clean up their act or remove them as a SAS option if they don’t?

We are also having SAS issues and yes I agree Federated Wireless has become a joke. We cannot keep having service affecting outages