Scale parameter Xirrus

Good afternoon,
What´s the meaning of the parameter Scale in Xirrus Cloud design tool? . If you type a short value it the signal propagates for longer distances and it´s true for the opposite: The longer the value , propagations of signal is shorter.

Could someone explain it?

In the tool, the Scale is for designating the scale of the floor plan. As an example, a line of one inch in the floor plan equals 10 feet in the actual environment. Hope that helps.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. But it does not influence the coverage, right?

By changing the Scale value to accurately size a section of wall to match the actual distance will provide a accurate representation of the coverage that is experiance.
I.e. Like Gary said if a measured wall is 10 ft but the real scale is 2 ft then the coverage would be displayed that is not accurate.