Schedule Firmware Upgrade


It would be great if we could schedule Firmware upgrades to happen around midnight on cnMaestro. This way we can schedule the upgrade and see the results in the morning without affecting customers and sending out outage advance notices.

Also if we could setup notification emails on cnMaestro so if something goes offline or comes online, it send send an email perhaps.

I agree with this. It would be very beneficial to allow scheduled upgrades to happen in the middle of the night. :)

I second this.  I was surprised there was no scheduling enabled in this.  The product has come a long way but it 100% needs configuration and firmware scheduling! Its as simple as a cron job in the back end!

This is the entire reason we went to Maestro, I"m not sure how it wasn't built in from the begining or how I missed it wasn't already implemented.

For me I would not want it limited to Frimware either, but it should be for configuration changes as well.  Anything the requires a reboot requries me to do it between 11PM and 5AM.  I want to load tasks into the system, that I can set to start at the beggining of the window without me sitting there.

Without that ability I don't see how this is any better than the old CNUT utility.

For me this is an on_premise setup.

Come on team. 

This isn't a new feature, this is a glaring omission.  CNUT was and is still able to perform a scheduled firmware update.  Not the best implementation, but at least it works.  Maybe that's the reason it's such a low (seems to me) priority for cnMaestro.  I can almost hear the engineering decision makers "There's a workaround so put this on the back burner".  Just my impression, but it sure seems this way.  It's all about "new" features.  Forget about fixing the existing errors - omissions.  We still can't get simple data and time correllations to display correctly.  

Maybe instead of a thread for new ideas/features, we can get a thread started where we can report and, more importantly, keep track of reported errors in the existing release.  

Im not arguing the point of the omission. But as I have a mixed network of epmp and canopy hardware and for the foreseeable future it will still be mixed, I am still using CNUT to deliver firmware upgrades and ensuring that on each platform that the firmware is homogeneous. Meastro just does not play well with older Canopy hardware. Meastro still lacks a lot of features to make it a viable single pane of glass. This is especially true for integration with freeradius and MySQL/MariaDB.

I hope this feature is now under current development, it would be hugely helpful!

November '17: "Approximately by Q1 next year we should roll out the feature, will confirm again."

Then later in February '18:

"We have this feature in our roadmap but there is no timeline, it could be end of Q2 or before that."