Schedule Periodic Reboots

Since the Wifi6 firmware has had and continues to have many issues that are fixed with a reboot, it would be nice to be able to schedule a periodic reboot from cnmaestro. Currently you can schedule a daily reboot at a specific time through user defined overrides, but being able to define a schedule in the GUI, such as “every Sunday at 3AM” would be very nice.

Other vendors that we use don’t have this issue, but we seem to reboot to fix problems with the Wifi6 access points all the the time. The Wifi 5 units never had this issue.

Please, let’s not make Cambium a company like Mikrotik. The introduction of such an option would show the weakness of this brand. In my opinion, it’s better to harass the technical department to solve problems than to introduce such a “dummy as reboot”


If you have another brand of switch you could look into poe port scheduled reboots.
Don’t think the Cambiums have that feature yet.
But I agree with @PFR , tech dept needs to fix this stuff .
It’s a bad look to require features such as these.

I hate to break it to you, but we never have to reboot any of the Mikrtotik equipment that we have in the deployments we use them in. However, I have had case after case since the Wifi 6 hardware has been out and their plethora of issues still fail to be corrected. And they STILL don’t have basic Enterprise functionality that’s been present for over a decade in most other vendors, and that includes basic equipment like open mesh! It’s incredible short sighted to think solely harassing the technical department is the only correct solution. I would rather some coder insert 10 lines to be able to do this so that at least immediate issues can be fixed than wait another 3 years for a real solution that may or may not ever come. And like @djdrastic said, every other vendor of this equipment I’ve run into actually has this availability. There was already real concern that Cambium was going to drop the Enterprise WIFI line altogether, which is why we all got the email from the new CEO the other day assuring us that they were not.

Should be possible to reload those APs with some paramiko I think.
Should hopefully not be to hard.
If I get some time I’ll see if I can get a basic script to login and reload

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LOL, touche. Very true.