Schedule reboot from CNMaestro

It would be nice to be able to schedule the restarts of the equipment (SM-PTP etc.) at specific times.


Please and thank you :)

Cambium folks,

I appreciate that you want us to put suggestions in this ideas forum, but it doesn't appear to get a lot of foot traffic and we end up with requests like this one, which has been a recurring request since cnMaestro launched, ending up in here with a status NOT YET REVIEWED for over four months.

We all know this is a required feature, we all know the community wants this functionality - please someone put it on a roadmap and tell us it's being taken care of.



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We have scheduled reboot feature from network/tower/site level (Under Inventory page)

You select all device and then select Action Button on the grid header.

Please find attached screenshot

We wll enable the Schedule Reboot from Inventory page under System level too in our next release.


Awesome, thank you!

The schedule reboot as per say is literally manual because u have to set the date and time for one time schedule reboot

Hopefully Cambium can make it as per day schedule, like set so the AP can reboot example 1 AM everyday or every 2 days or 1 time per week.