Schedule Reboot of E400

Please provide a roadmap for Schedule reboot scripts. 

This is required by our client because some of the APs will hang up and needs reboot to work. 


will work on this and get back you as soon as possible. In the meant timw how fo you want, just schedule reload time on daily basis or some conditions for reload.

please share your configuration will see some configuration we can recommed it

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I have a problem where everyday without fail the the deployment of the WIFI AP E400 needs to be rebooted. If don't, the device showing it is online but clients not able to connect.

Now I need to reboot it daily when customer complain around the same time. It is a brand new deployment with new units and updated firmware.

Any solutions update on this?

Ken Chan

check your rf environment noise. maybe you have a lot of rf interference if you have experiencing this issue. 

YOu can also try to upgrade to the latest firmware. 

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Can we get the tech-dump when the  clients are not connecting. Please email the tech-dump to me

at . This will help us to find the reason why the wireless clients are not connecting.



We have this same issue, will try and get you the tech dump the next time it happens.

Me too, but my company used E410 for 3 sites.

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          This is an old thread. Schedule reboot from cnMaestro is added long ago.  Can you please create a seperate community post describing the problem in detail after trying with the latest 2.4.0 cnMaestro image.



Wireless access points should not require scheduled reboots.

Schedules reboots are a bandaid on a broken leg.

Tools like autoping exist to reboot locked up network devices. They intervene when they need to. So it doesn't matter if the Wireless Access Point Locked up "outside of scheduled reboot".

Is anyone seriously going to say...

"Ohh the wireless locked up again... Don't worry... The scheduled reboot will fix that in a day or two."