Scheduled guest access


How can configure  scheduled guest acces.

I need to configure following

1. Client user need user name and passoword while browsing.

2. need time  scheduled for client user

Pls Guide me




We recommed you to make use of Voucher based captive portal solution (CP). On AP WLAN be marked as guest access and captive portal service will be running on cnMaestro. It is a beta feature, you need to enroll for cnMaestro beta program for access to cnMaestro beta image (drop mail to channareddy.ireddy@cambiumnetworks for beta image access).

WIth the voucher based CP solution,

1. Guest user needs to enter credential to access intenet 

2. Each voucher will start and end time

3. The session time will be associated once users makes use of / claim voucher, like if a guest user logs in using valid voucher, he can access internet access like 1 hour or 2 hours based on admin configuration in the captive portal policy

4. One get the option to design custom voucher and  login page

5. User can define uplink and don link speed for each captive portal plans

Please see the knowledge based article for voucher based feature configuration

The 2nd solution can be, 

1. Enable WLAN with scheduled access 

2. Configure WLAN with guest access 

3. Enable guest access through RADIUS / LDAP 

4. Make use of external RADIUS server for guest user authentication if access method is RADIUS or

5. Configure user name and password in the WLAN guest access tab configuration (same user credntials for all guest users)

6. Configure session time out on Guest Access configuration 

7. If Guest users are authenticated, please configure LDAP server under services tab section. Please referr below knowledge based artcile for captive portal users authentication using AD,

Note: please reachout to for any further assistance on CP solution on Cambium Wi-Fi APs