Scheduled reboot for ePmP Force 300-25

Hello Colleagues
I have a force 300-25 PTP link which is just 1.1km.
The link is occasionally lost, mostly in the evenings, and it will be off until I reboot one of the radios(either SM or AP).
My thinking is that if I schedule a reboot for around 7 p.m. every evening, my client will always have internet and will not have any problems.
But how do I do this? Please advise

Did you try to investigate what is breaking this link? Where is it situated? I guess it is better to know the real reason and fix it.

At the same time you can use Watchdog feature. It can reboot wireless, Ethernet or whole station whenever it has lost the connectivity. See screenshot:

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Yes, it was interference from a radwin link that moves in the same direction with the f300 link. I scanned for the best frequency on 40mhz and still faced the challenge even when i put the power to maximum

If the spectrum is very dirty using 20MHz will be more stable.

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Ok, i should try this. But wont it affect bandwidth, i need something above 200mbps aggregate

Setting watchdog to ping the other end of the link and reboot the radio (or just the wireless interface which should be less downtime than a reboot but may not fix the link like a full reboot will) when it can’t reach the other end (the link goes down) is the only think I know of that could be configured on the radios. Otherwise setting up a cron job on a PC or Pi to reboot the radios via SNMP at a specific time would possibly be the next easiest ?

I’m confused. If the problem is interference, why would rebooting the ePMP help?


I know you aren’t asking me but I have ask almost this exact question of Cambium support:

Me: “Dear cambium support, my AP kicks off users and it may be minutes or hours or days before anyone starts reconnecting… unless we reboot it and then radios start reconnecting instantly”

Cambium Support : " Dear Barney, send us the support file from AP "

Me: “Dear cambium support, here is support file”

Cambium Support : " Dear Barney, your problem is interference, change the channel , re-aim everyone, turn up the power etc… etc…"

Me: “Dear cambium support. If it is interference why does rebooting the AP fix it ?”

Cambium Support: “Dear Barney, since the radio was not able to establish the connection it gets stuck on registration, when you reboot it connects with the low modulation later the SM is terminated from AP.”

So from what I can decipher, interference causes the radio to lose connection to the AP and the connection gets stuck (stuck at to high a modulation for the current interference ?) when you reboot the AP then the connection is no longer stuck and reconnects at the lower modulation ? Then when the interference goes down the connection ups the modulation, then the interference comes back, the connection drops/gets stuck trying to connect at to high a modulation and the whole process starts over ? This was on 900Mhz 450i but we have experienced something similar with 3000AP’s but 5Ghz has a lot more channel options than 900Mhz.


That’s fair. From the user’s point of view, you just need the link to work, and if a watchdog reset achieves that, then that’s obviously what you have to do.

From a developer’s point of view, any problem that requires a reboot to work around it is a bug, and we would want to fix it. I hope that the situation you describe on 450i was eventually fixed.

@TimoWanume, were you able to capture diagnostics from this radio, and have you raised a ticket?

I havent raised a ticket yet.
Unfortunately when it went off today, even a restart on the SM couldnt bring it back and i cant access the tower because of security protocals.

rebooting forces the radio to start from scratch, this will usually bring a link back up but it is very temporary especially if there is sufficient RX power feeding the RX pre-amp.

I agree that the issue is bigger than being stated and a better solution needs to be found, like connectorized radios and narrow aperture parabolic antennas.

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