Scheduled reboot script for Cambium radios

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since a long time, we'd like to have some possibility to reboot after some time our PTP links, since we've noticed that after a long uptime, i.e. 90-120 days without reboot, often we got SNMP hang up and consequently we have to power off the radio itself (and in some cases we cannot do that and we've to go to the tower!).

I've written a simple batch file that runs over Windows OS using putty that can reboot Cambium radios remotely via SSH (radios must be reachable by the host!) and you can schedule that batch file in a particular day of month and hour, for example on the 1st of every month at 4 am!

So we can prevent SNMP hang up (this is still unsolved in the latest firmware... but we're still using 3.2.2 that we think is the most stable at now!).

If anyone need instructions on how to this, please ask me!!!

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Hello Paolo,

if you can share that script, it could be really useful in some situations.

Thank you.

Love to get a copy of that script..

This is what I use over a windows computer with Putty utility installed (it's free):

plink -ssh -l admin -pw password reboot

You need to change with the ip address of Cambium device (it must obviously be reached by that computer!) and password with admin user password.

If you put that in a batch file and execute on a scheduled time, you can reboot that device whenever you want!!!

Hope that helps...

We use snmp.

From a linux/nix box:
for ip in; do

  snmpset -v2c -c Community $ip WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB::reboot.0 i 1



where,, are ip of the devices you wanna reboot.
You can also put them in a file, or where you want.

If you crontab this script you can check for date (i.e.: reboot only firts of the month)

Hi, we have the same problem with the Cambium Radios, we need to reboot them every so often. Personally I think it would be very useful that in some future firmware update, or better yet, in CnMaestro, it is considered that there is the possibility of a schedule reboot.

Almost touching the sky with his hands!!!




Paolo, there is way to add range of IP / 24 or for example?


No, obviously you can't directly do that with ssh... you could implement a for cycle to repeat reboot sequence through ssh for each ip address... I think if you can manipulate batch files you can do that quickly!

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cnMaestro would be great for this, but been waiting too long. Competition management software is

more useful at this stage.

Cambium needs to get there act together on cnMaestro and get Scheduled features added. cnMaestro has been out for quite a while now and still waiting.


Hi, at the moment I am talking about this possibility with a support person assigned to my case. It would be useful to add that functionality to CnMestro.
Thank you!

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Hello my friend interesting that my friend ? have  script