Screw Starlink

Anyone else getting hammered by Starlink?

I’ve lost 3 clients out of 3000 I think to them.

I can’t wait for when they need tech support or have equipment fail.

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Nope. Most of our customers paying equivalent of $69USD for 50Mbps (some less, some more).

You can’t knock Starlink’s speeds so I expect we’ll lose a few dozen very high end customers for whom money is no object so the sooner our FCC equivalent give us access to outdoor 6GHz the better.

If you’re losing lots of customers to Starlink you either need to adjust the service you’re delivering or your pricing (or both).


When a new prostitute arrives in port, the sailors must try her. That’s right. After the experience, they realize that they didn’t bring any new venereal disease than what they had until then, it was just more expensive.


lol! Best thing I have read today!

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