SDR (Software Defined Radio)

Would be great to see one radio be selectable (and with an option to be controlled intelligently by cnMaestro based on client density/utilisation) between either 2.4 or 5GHz.

Check Band Steering Option :slight_smile:


What I meant was the actual frequency of the radio be selectable… So that you could end up with a dual 5GHz AP for hi-density applications or if there are no 2.4GHz clients.

Similar to Aerohive/Extreme APs that have this functionality.

It doesn’t make sense in my opinion, but this is my experience. Automatic alling for clients + good roaming controlled by cnmaestro do the trick.

Additionally, you can make separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz
This functionality is built in :slight_smile:

I’m thinking more of scenarios where you have a lot of APs deployed (eg one per classroom), to avoid CCI on the 2.4, you disable some of the 2.4GHz radios and only leave the 5Ghz running. So you have a number of APs where that 2nd radio is not doing anything. I think it would be great if you had the option of making that 2nd radio 5GHz also - transmitting on a different band, so that within 1 AP you can have 2x 5GHz radios if you wanted to.

Change 2,4 to 5 Ghz ? I don;t think it is possible.
The chipset is unlikely to allow something like this. You can use solutions with a double 5GHz radio in the classrooms, example xv3-8 or some Xirrus solutions

Actually, xv3-8 would do the job. Would be interested to see a comparison in price between an AP with 3 data radios like that and the ones I’ve seen with 2 where one is fixed at 5GHz and the other can be switched between 2.4/5GHz. :+1:t3: