Searching for Antenna test users


we have 4 free slots left for potential candidates that are interested in testing our new Antenna.

A short introduction video for potential candidates.


SWARG team


Really interesting stuff

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interested in participating?
send me a PM

Hi. Do you have a datasheet to go for this antenna?

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I am interested in more information and possibly participating in your program.

I am in charge of the technical decisions for the company.

PM me

Hello there,

new video updates available


Seems that most of the subscribers have low modulations… I think I see from SS1 to DS7, but generally lower modulation rates?

You also say that you installed MU-MIMO clients, but then I don’t see any results of their signals, modulations, or MU-MIMO performance?

I don’t want to sound negative at all… I really REALLY appreciate anyone making new products for Cambium APs. And I love the ‘expandable horn array’ concept, that’s all really cool. But I think it would be beneficial to see results which show your antennas resulting in good signals, and high modulations, and high speeds, and high MU-MIMO groupings. :+1:

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that’s true,

there are some guys that love to connect a client thru a whole forest (2,5km distance), NLOS, and there are some with some wood on the way (just connect the user we will solve the problem afterward) + there is an almighty guy that loves to limit the upload on the clients to DS2.

the N subscribers can’t modulate more than DS7 (set also as the limit on the AP), I deliberately did not measure those who have LOS and no upload limit at DS2…

the last figure in the video is for the MU-MIMO double SM, the modulation limit is still SD7 in the download. There are better results but didn’t make a screenshot or video (SMs directed from the car towards the tower)

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