Second Data Service

New in PTP 650 Release 01-40

PTP 650 now offers the option of a second virtual private line service for Ethernet data between the two ends of the wireless link. The (first) data service and the second data service always terminate at different wired ports. The two services are independent, meaning that Ethernet frames in the first data service are never forwarded at the port used by the second data service, and Ethernet frames in the second data service are never forwarded at the port used by the first data service.

In-band management is supported for either the data service or the second data service, but not both simultaneously. Out-of-band management and second data service cannot be supported together.

The second data service is available in any unit that has the Full capacity license. 

The second data service provides a single class for Quality of Service, but this class can be mapped to any of Q0 to Q7 at the wireless port. The maximum frame size in the second data service is 2000 bytes.

The method of configuring ports and services has been changed in 650-01-40 to accommodate the second data service, and this has resulted in changes in the LAN Configuration page of the webbased interface. These changes result in a substantial improvement in useability and will be apparent to all users, regardless of whether or not the second data service has been licensed.