Sector Antenna for 450

We currently have a 450 AP ( now a legacy product) 3.65 radio. I am under the impression that with a firmware update even the 450 radios will be able to conform to the new CBRS frequencies. But, I noticed that the description of the sector antenna is 3.5 to 3.65. CBRS will go up to 3.7. So, it looks like we will be shut out of the last 40 mhz of spectrum if we continue to use the Cambuim 90 degree sector antenna. Is that indeed the case, or will that antenna actually go beyond the 3.65Ghz as noted in the product description.? And of course will this work in the CPI report?  Thanks

The frequancy range for the original 450 OEM antenna was 3.3-3.8GHz. This is part number C035045D901A.   We've been told repeatedly that ALL Cambium 3GHz gear will be CBRS compliant, I would have to imagine that this antenna would also be part of that.

That being said, most antennas will operate at just outside their frequency range, albeit sometimes with a slight loss in gain. You can even use a non matching radio and antenna together, like a 2.4GHz radio with a 5GHz antenna... but you will experience severe loss in gain.

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