Sector ID Setting in 900Mhz AP

i Have 3 conectorized APs on my tower then 4 other 900Mhz towers
with Extenal Antennas i was wanting to know if anyone knows what the
Sector ID is for dose it have anything to do with sync like color code Down link % ? & dose anyone have screen shots of a perfectly programed 900Mhz AP? that would be Sweet but realy just need to know what Sector ID dose right now im useing firmware 8.2.2 thanks

it’s more of a personal setting for you, so you know which AP you are pointing at when you look at AP eval

Sector ID has no system function. As mentioned it’s there to tell you which AP you are connected to on a sector where all AP’s have the same color code.

thanks for the fast reply i have recently started to tell SMs to only listin to the freq’s thats the AP is on i have been getting a 1-2 db gain and more stable connection by doing that keep learning more and more tricks
like that cant wait untill i know it all lol :lol: