Sector Information

Hey everyone!

I have a question about sector antenna’s for the 900mhz canopy units.
I’ve Used a couple of different sector antenna’s

What i’m primarily concerned with is the H-Pol 120degree sector antenna’s
I’ve used Terrawave and Pac-wireless even some hyperlink and trango omni’s.
But i’m deploying a few new locations and i noticed an antenna available from my supplier it’s a DMS H-pol 120deg sector.
I wouldn’t normally worry about it but it’s available in gains up to 15dBi whereas my typical ones are only available up to 11.5dBi. and still maintains a 8degree vertical beamwidth. The other option is a til-tek and i’ve heard quite a bit of good about those.
But where i’m located gain is everything, I routinely have open farm field and dense forestation.
Some of the trees are 80-120ft tall so getting over them poses it’s own challenge so 900 isn’t just a necessity it’s a fact of life.

So has anyone had any experience with these sectors? I’ve seen some reviews of the yagi’s but those are a completely different animal. Any help ya’ll could give would be awesome

Thanks guys/gals

Great Lakes Internet, Inc.

we have a tower using 3 til tek 120 H-Pol sectors. we have over a 110 customers on these 3 sectors and VERY few problems with bad signal, jitter etc. and its a fairly wooded area. my vote would be for those.

I would look closely at the polars compared to a known high quality antenna such as the tilek or MTI.

If the polars look good it might be worth asking for an eval unit.

I was leaning more towards the til-tek’s anyways so I think i’ll just stick to the original plan. I’d much rather have a quality antenna that’s reliable then one that i have to pay a tower climbing company to change out every time it has a problem.

You always get what you pay for in the long run. That’s for sure