Sector or Omni?

I am rolling out a new tower in the next week or so.

In a perfect world I would be using all HPOL sector antennas. Problem is I can’t afford them.

So I’m stuck with the following two possibilities:

3 120 degree 13dbi VPOL Sectors

-or- 1 8dBi HPOL Omni

Tower is 100’ AGL
Ground level is 56’ ASL

I have a tower running 900 with a HPOL Omni 300’ in the air 10 miles away.

I have a competitor running Alvarion 900mhz sectors 7.61 miles away (HPOL)

anything above 918 is trashed with either HPOL or VPOL due to paging systems.


Sounds like a messy spectrum.

I’d still put HPOL sectors on. Going VPOL will be asking for trouble. I can promise that.

What sectors are you looking at using?

Start with the H-POL Omni. Once you get enough subs convert to sectors.

How much better will my NLOS performance be using sectors?

I know of many WISPs running a single 900 with an H-POL and are getting excellent results using 13dB panels and Yagis. Obviously, the quality of the antennas plays a major part.

what kind of penetration are you expecting? Canopy is the best there is at penetrating foliage but it can’t perform miracles.

Have you done a spectrum analysis? You really need to know what the noise floor looks like because if one of the channels is unusable, you would be in real trouble…

We use 900MHz MTI HPOL omnis at most of our 900MHz broadcast sites. The performance of them paired with 9, 13 and 17db yagis at the SM have far exceeded my NLOS expectations. I actually still get surprised at what we are able to penetrate.

We’ve also seen great results with the PacWireless 900MHz HPOL 9db omni.

I’ll jump in here with a me too.

We have deployed single 900MHz APs with HPOL Omnis at all our sites.

So far the only trouble we’re having is that our main AP is at around 100 clients and loaded heavily enough that we’re converting to 4 AP and 4 90 degree sectors.

We started with a pac and were impressed with the improvement when we upgraded to the current antennas that we use. They are 9dBi HPOL Omnis, and you can get them at DoubleRadius. Lower price than pac and better performance.

Interesting, I’ve been using the PAC HPOL’s

How much better are these ones from Double Radius. They are actually a bit more $$ than what I pay for PAC but if they perform better they may be a winner.

My greatest issue with Omnis is the Tower always hears the SM better than the SM hears the tower.

I have many links where the signal is -80 at the SM and -60 at the tower…

It’s been a long time, but I vaguely recall that we had an RSSI jump of about 200-300 at about 1/2 mile away. We haven’t looked back. And we try to buy 3 at a time to get the better price when we can.

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