Security: Osen


I'm wondering what is the meaning of osen.

I find it in the cnMaestro or cnPilot configuration, under the wlan security parameter: open, osen, wpa2-psk, wpa-enterprise.

Thanks for the explanation.

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OSEN is OSU Server-only authenticated layer 2 Encryption Network.

This for use with with Release 2 of Hotspot 2.0 (AKA Passpoint). When using Hotspot 2.0 Release 2 OSU (Online Signup Server) deployments you can use either or OSEN or OPEN WLANs for client provisioning.

One intresting thing to note is that when OSEN is used only authentication of the servers are required.

From a security standpoint traffic is encrypted using Anonymous EAP-TLS.


forgive my rudimentary qiestion, i'm a bit new to cambium ap's.

Using it for our printing network and finding that wifi security is only WPA2? and not just WPA?

Have some HP's that only do WPA. 

Thanks in advance!

It is possible to enable WPA on Cambium Access Points but this has to be done through the CLI with the following 3 commands:

wireless wlan 1



I would also probably advise putting all of your WPA devices (your HP Printers) on a separate SSID as it is not as secure a WPA2.

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