select channel bandwidth via SNMP


Is it possible to select/deselect the scanned channel bandwidths of a PMP450 SM via SNMP?

We have a lot of SM's which we have not yet added to cnMaestro so we can't do a template to push these changes.

If there is an OID for this we should be able to script a bulk change to it for any SM's we need to.



You should be able to use bandwidthScan.0 =

From the MIB:

"Bandwidth values for frequency scanning used by MIMO SMs only.
When setting use a comma delimited list of bandwidths.
For example: 10, 20"

You may also want to follow that change with radioBandScanConfig.0 = which can be set to 0=instant, 1=delayed, 2=applyChanges. 



That's great.

I looked through MIB and couldn't find that!

Must try harder!

I must thank you for your perl script to mass enable SNMP read/write on SM's.

Saved me an awful lot of work!