Send_lldp: SIOCG-IF-INDEX failed for eth1 (What does that mean?)

Hi community! I’ve few customers complaining about the speed/quality of the service, and everything looks good from multiple parameters I typically check (lan speed, SNR, retransmission, speed check, etc.). I’ve FQCodel so traffic prioritization is not the issue, even for simple pages (non-sensitive to real-time), whatsapp, facebook, web browser, etc.

However, when checking the logs I think I found a pattern on those customers:

Multiple send_lldp: SIOCG-IF-INDEX failed for eth1 in a row for the same day.

And I say Multiple because that log is also present on “healthy” customers too (fewer logs though), I’m not sure if that is just adding noise to my research.

So I’ve a couple of questions:

  1. What does send_lldp: SIOCG-IF-INDEX failed for eth1 mean?
  2. Do you think that may be causing an issue?



I have also have this in logs.
log.txt (598 Bytes)

@anon89030143 Is there any information on this? I too have been seeing this in the ePMP logs and have no idea what it means or what causes it.