Send SNMP command to SM PMP450 via CNUT or any other Cambium Tools


I would like to send any SNMP command to all SM PMP450 together so that to :


1- Change Channel BandWidth(BW)

2- Enable one specific frequency, or All frequencies

3- Change or Add color code

4- ...

How Can I do that ?

Is it possible with CNUT or any other Cambium Networks Tools ??

It is possible from cnMaestro Cloud or cnMaestro On Premise Server

cnMaestro will be supported in PMP from 14.2.1 onwards, 14.2.1 is in beta stage.

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WRT using CNUT to trigger changes:

If you look at this thread: I posted a script that uses Perl and HTTP connection to enable SNMP-Write on SMs.

At the end of the thread I posted a variant that will run within CNUT as an external tool.

If you examine the second script you'll see where it receives several parameters when CNUT calls it - I use two of them in that script, the IP address (#1) and the admin password (#6).  I don't recall offhand which parameter is the SNMP community string, but you can write a different script using that one as a template that utilizes snmpset commands using the IP and community string.

You then check off all the radios you want it applied to, and trigger the ExternalTool in CNUT and it will call the script, passing it the pertinent parameters for each selected radio in sequence.

First I'd trigger it with just one test radio selected, and push all the parameters from the script into a logfile so you can figure out which one is the community string, then you can write the snmpset-based bits that serve your particular purpose, test it against one radio, then run it against any/all.


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