I am currently a customer using cNReach 900Mhz ism and MAS.  My utility has just approved a comprehesive SENSUS AMI project that will blanket our entire service area with 900 MHz MAS transit and recieve energy.  There is quite a lot of concern with our SCADA and AMI systems coexisting and there has been discussion about converting the SCADA network to 450Mhz. 

Question:  Are we overreacting to the this potential problem?  Has anyone else had issues with 900 MHz ami and scada systems coexisting in a similar geographic area?

Thanks,  Lee 

Hi there, I work at a utility and we are currently utilizing 450mhz for our scada, which is also Sensus. Do you mind if I reach out to you? I’d like to get some info on your progress.

Hi I’m no longer working on this project. My utility hired a consultant.