Separate Receive Power for H and V Inputs in PTP 650/700

The Receive Power attribute in the PTP 650 GUI reports the sum of the RF power received at the V and H ports. In the case of an Integrated ODU, this is the power at the internal interface between the antenna and the rest of the receiver. Receive Power is averaged across the receive burst duration in the TDD frame.

PTP 650/700 also report Signal Strength Ratio, which is the amount (in dB) by which the signal at the V port is larger than the signal at the H port. In many applications, the use of Receive Power and Signal Strength Ratio is appropriate and useful. However, some operators would like to calculate the receive power for the separate H and V inputs, perhaps in order to compare results from equipment made by two different manufacturers.

If you would like to calculate separate H and V powers, use the following formulae:

Separate H and V Receive Power.png

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