Serials, duplexing and backup OH MY!

Hi there, I did a look for answers already posted and couldn’t find any but forgive me if I am asking newbie questions.

1. Is there anyway to tell the ESN when you have the MSN? ie. Our warehouse says I have certain units in my stock but I think that they are deployed already. Of course when I log into a unit I only see the MAC address and I know both are written on the outside of the unit, so to avoid having to go out to every customer I’d like to just log in.

2. Has anyone had any issues with P10 boards locking up when there’s a duplexing mismatch, or behaving like theres a duplexing mismatch when there’s not? ie. when device is set to 10Full and the SU set to Auto, the SU will lock and have to be rebooted. Or when both devices are set 10FULL I get full speed configured downloads but only half speed configured uploads. I have had this problem with several SUs, all of which have been P10 boards.

3. Is there anyway to backup the config on an SU or AP so that I can copy it over to another one for easier, more efficient deployment?