Server reports two down SMs that are not down

I have two active alarms in the dashboard that have been there for months. It is reporting two devices are down that are not down and have not been for months. I can't figure out how to clear the alarms. Here is what the dashboard reports:

How can I get these to clear? When I look at my devices, 100% are online. I just upgraded firmware to all of them so I know it sees these two devices...

Do they show down in the tree also?  Do the MAC addresses match up?  Newest firmware on all devices?  What's the SM GUI say the Maestro status is?

Both are running firmware (due to the DFS bug in later release).  

For one, the MAC address is one letter off. The MAC address for the down device is the Wireless MAC address.  The MAC address reported in the device tree is the Ethernet MAC address of the same device.  SM GUI says the device is connected to cnMaestro under our network key.

For the second down device, the MAC address is different. The one reported down is no longer a device on our network and was removed from cnMaestro using the "remove device" option.  I would have thought this would hace removed it from the system.

In the device tree on the left side of the screen, all devices are up and running.

Ahhh, this makes more sense now.  The area you're referring to is a historical area.  So it's not reporting active down, but was down at some point in time.  I'm unaware of a way to purge the acknowledged downs at this time, but maybe Cambium can make note to add that feature.