Service flow Cache

We recently switched to External AAA from Internal AAA so we could sell customers speed packages. We had a few customers with faster speeds using internal AAA, originally our service flows on the AP’s were something like this:

3 - 6Mbps
4 - 1Mbps
5 - rtps/vr 98kbps
6 - 10Mbps
7 - 2Mbps
8 - 12Mbps
9 - 3Mbps

After the switch to External AAA the service flows were reordered a bit
3 - 6Mbps
4 - 1Mbps
5 - 10Mbps
6 - rtps/vr 98kbps
7 - 12Mbps
8 - 2Mbps
9 - 23Mbps
10 - 3Mbps

if a customer had service flows 6/7 (10x2) assigned in internal AAA after the switch to external AAA they are still assigning the same service flow ids, but with the new service flows, values so even though I had 5/8 (10x2) assigned to the customer after switching to External AAA the radio still sets 6/7 (now 98kx12Mbps) I did a wire capture on the radius server and I see the new service flow numbers getting assigned, and if we switch out the customer radio with a new radio, it works perfectly every time. Has anyone ever seen this apparent “caching” of service flow id’s? We have tried the reset tool, but nothing seems to work to reset the radio so it assigns the new service flow ids.



Try resetting AP to Internal AAA, removing all service flow defs in Internal, then resume External AAA.


+1 what newkirk suggested. PMP320 has a very hard time when converting between Internal and External AAA. It’s best to rebuild all service flow and classifiers after setting to External.